Dental Canal Treatment


Bacteria cause cavities in the teeth, if they are not treated, they may move to the nerves, causing tooth loss. The treatment of the dental canal is a method that prevents the destruction and loss of teeth.

Patients before the dental canal treatment feel hypersensitive to hot and cold foods, and the pain begins for no reason.

When the treatment of the dental canal is decided after the dentist’s examination, the surface of the teeth, the contents of the canals and nerves are cleaned, then the canals and teeth are closed with appropriate materials and designed according to the dental form.

When treating the dental canal, it is necessary to proceed to radiography of the teeth and to examine the length of the channel to be cleaned.

The treatment of the dental canal lasts a long time. No different care applies to the teeth treated. Cavities can also be seen in the teeth treated over time.

If the inflammation in the tooth is too progressed, the treatment can not be applied and the tooth withdraws.

Is The Treatment of the Dental Canal Painful?

The dental canal is treated under local anesthesia. Thus, the patient feels no pain when cleaning the roots of the teeth. Once treatment is complete, the patient may feel pain and tenderness in the tooth for a short time. The patient can eat and drink immediately after treatment if the food is not too hot or too cold.

How Long Does The Dental Canal Take?

Each dental canal process is personal. In order to dry inflammation or open lanes, a number of drugs can be put in place and this period varies from person to person.

Under normal conditions, the opening of the dental canal is performed during one session. Closing the canal with a suitable material and bringing it back to the shape of a tooth is also takes one session, however; the cleaning, opening and drying of the canal are always different.

How Many Roots Can Be Treated?

The front teeth usually have one root and one canal, while the teeth of the lateral jaw can have 2, 3 or 4 channels. The number of channels to be applied to the root canal treatment varies according to the tooth. The dental canal treatment prices also vary according to each tooth and the number of channels. For current prices, you can write to us via the contact form.

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