Dental Tartar Cleaning


Who does not want to have a healthy and aesthetic smile! To have it, you need healthy, white teeth and a warm smile. Daily dental care, good smile design and treatment of the patient’s teeth can sometimes be delayed. Patients also delay cleaning teeth.

Dental hygiene; The importance of oral health is extremely important, but the importance is not well enough known. This treatment, also known as dental tartar cleaning; It is also very useful for preventing tooth loss caused by food, drinks and smoking.

Even if teeth are cleaned daily with toothpaste, dental plaque may form. These plates harden over time.

With dental tartar cleaning, it is possible to prevent tooth loss, bruising and tooth loss that may occur over time in the teeth.

There are many ways to clean teeth at home. However, consider the damage that can be done to the teeth and go to the dentist at least once every six months to clean your teeth.

Dental Tartar Cleaning Application

During the application tartar and plaque are removed by applying vibration and removed from the tooth. It is a very easy method, painless and fast. The treatment is completed in one session. After cleaning, the teeth are polished after cleaning.

After the treatment, the patient can feel a sensitivity in the teeth, which is quite normal, the patient returns after a few days to his normal life.

Dental tartar cleaning is one of the most ethical treatments for the prevention of gum disease. Dental calculus training is one of the reasons for bad breath.

Bad breath is a problem that negatively affects the social life of the person.

This problem is immediately solved for patients who undergoes Dental tartar cleaning, this process is very simple and inexpensive, you must undergo it constantly.

Redness may appear after treatment. because the tooth is covered with tartar and plaque for a long time. These rashes also return to normal over time. Depending on the patient’s condition, the application lasts 30 to 60 minutes.

Is Dental Tartar Cleaning Dangerous?

Dental tartar cleaning is a useful method for dental health. If this treatment is not done, problems such as tooth loss, inflammation, gum disease and advanced gum recession may appear.

Pain or stagnation of the gums after cleaning the teeth: this is actually the appearance of voids after removal of plaque between the teeth and gums. The sensitivity after cleaning the teeth is high when the gums touch hot and cold after cleaning the tartar layer accumulated in the tooth.

Dental Tartar Cleaning Price

Only one session is done at a very reasonable price. You can ask us via our contact form for current price information.

For more information on cleaning dental tartar, please fill out the contact form below and request an appointment.

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