Facelift Treatement


Facelift; It is the treatment intended to correct the sagging of the skin, neck and under the chin. The operation aims to collect lubricants, revive the face, get rid of fine line and look younger.

The facelift does not prevent the aging of the person, does not change the face; it only makes the skin firmer and younger.

The ideal age for facelift is usually 45 to 50 years. However, the most appropriate time will be determined by the person’s skin type by an examination. The facelift is a surgical procedure, but it is best to get the desired result in the face with simpler methods.

The degree of facelift depends on the skin type of the patient. It is determined by examining characteristics such as age, facial structure, sex and illnesses experienced by the patient. As with all aesthetic procedures, patients should stop smoking approximately two weeks before the procedure as this delays the wound recovery period.

How Is The Facelift Operation Done?

The Facelift is performed under general anesthesia. The structure of the adipose and muscular tissue under the skin becomes tighter. The skin does not tighten during the operation, but the excess skin is removed and sags. In case of redundancy of the skin, this skin is removed.

All interventions are at the back of the ear and there will be no direct intervention on the face. There will be scars after the surgery. The hair usually covers them.

The endoscopic face lift method is preferable in smaller operations, but in larger facelift surgeries, the subcutaneous tissues are stretched with small incisions in the front of the ear or under the scalp.

It is highly preferred in people with little sagging in the neck and under the chin. In some patients, both methods can be used together. For example, it may be preferable that there are different sagging and fat on the forehead, neck and under the chin.

What Is The Duration Of Face Lift Recovery?

Sutures are usually removed after a week of facelift. Swelling and bruising may occur. But it’s very natural and temporary.
The swelling and bruising decrease in one week on average. The disappearance of the swelling and the return of the face to its natural appearance can take 3-4 weeks. The application of ice helps reduce swelling and accelerate healing.

What Does It Take Into Consideration After Facelift?

The patients should contact the water during the first few days, they should not take a shower. Men can shave their beards and women can do makeup after two weeks of the operation. Severe exercises should be avoided until recovery is complete, which may take 1 month.
Salty foods should be avoided as they can cause edema in the body. The impacts that can be taken on the face must be absolutely avoided. After the operation, do not expose yourself to sunlight and you must make a habit of using sunscreen in everyday life.
The skin will deform during the operation. A week after taking the stitches, you can start moisturizing your skin.

Facelift Prices

The price of the facelift is determined according to the needs of the person, as in other aesthetic operations. Standards such as liposuction determine the price of the facelift.

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