Liposuction is a method of removing fatty deposits located in certain parts of the body, this method is not to lose weight, but to form the body.

Liposuction helps to correct deformities in areas where patients can not see any change: although they follow a diet and exercise, they can get a lean body with liposuction.

Liposuction is commonly applied to women in the abdomen, buttocks, neck, arms, chest, knees and thighs. In fact, liposuction can be applied in almost all the body.

Anyone in good health can practice liposuction except pregnant women and recently given birth. In general, excess weight taken during pregnancy, unhealthy diet, excess weight, with the effect of the circulation of drugs to treat certain diseases related to weight, can cause a lubrication of the body.

How Is Liposuction Applied?

Local anesthesia is applied in the treated area. If the area to apply to liposuction is wide, general anesthesia can also be applied, it depends on the decision of the doctor. so; During treatment, the patient feels no pain. Small diameter incisions will be opened in the area where the fatty deposits will be taken, the fats will be boiled and sucked through cannulas.

The surgeon must adapt his suction technique using only the finest cannulas to suck regularly and deeply fat, it is a fairly simple treatment.

The operations usually takes between 1 and 4 hours. Liposuction may not be sufficient if the skin is sagging before liposuction; the operation of Abdominoplasty may also be necessary. The doctor will determine the most appropriate treatment method during the examination.

The amount of fat removed from people during liposuction treatment varies. The quantity is of course higher in fat people and less in thin ones.

Laser Assisted Liposuction

In the case of laser-assisted liposuction, the fat decomposes with the help of the laser, giving heat and suction through very fine cannulas. In general, scars do not appear under the bikini.

In Vaser liposuction method, fat decomposes with sound waves and is removed from a body by means of cannulae. The cannulas used in the Vaser liposuction method are finer, cause less bruising on the skin. Fine channels are a factor that reduces the fluctuations of the skin.

After Liposuction Surgery?

After liposuction treatment, it is recommended to wear a corset for at least two weeks. Quitting smoking is important for a short period of liposuction healing. It is recommended not to smoke before and after about two weeks of treatment, the doctor will tell you the most accurate details of this period.
It is normal to have bruises and pain after liposuction. If you follow the doctor’s advice, the area will quickly return to its natural color. After the operation, it may be necessary to stay in the hospital for one night, but is usually to return home the same day.

After liposuction, patients are not expected to lose weight quickly with a healthy diet and regular exercise program.

Price Of Liposuction

The factors that determine the price of liposuction treatment are numerous. Depending on the number of zones, the size of the treated area, the amount of fat to be taken during the treatment and the desire of the person, the price of the most accurate treatment is determined after a medical examination.

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