Obesity Surgery


Obesity is a common disease in all countries. The causes of obesity are irregular and excessive nutrition, malnutrition, genetic factors, psychological causes and drugs used. Obesity shortens the life of a person because they can not live healthy lives. as well; obesity can cause death.

Obesity surgery does not apply to all overweight people, Before the operation, the patient must lose weight with at least one year of diet and exercise program. This period of course varies for each patient.

How Do You Know If You Are Obese? How Is The Obesity Test Done?

Obesity; The BMI is calculated as follows: Weight / Length x Height. For example, 1.60 m to 120 kg; 120 / 1.6 x 1.6 = 46.87. The person who is morbidly obese class. Morbid obesity is considered to be the most dangerous.

18.5-24.9 kg / m2 normal individuals
25-29.9 kg / m2 overweight
30-40 kg / m2 <Obese
40 kg / m2 <morbid obese

Techniques Of Obesity Surgery

With the development of new technologies, surgical application techniques are improving. In obesity surgery, surgeries are performed primarily with a closed method, which speeds up the patient’s healing process.

Stomach Reduction Surgery

In this process, is achieved by the eradication of about 75 to 80% of the stomach and digestive hormone region which stimulates the appetite (ghrelin), the conditions are created to provide the patient with less and adequate nutrition .

Gastric Bypass

In gastric bypass operations, the stomach is divided into two parts, small and large, The ends the small intestine and stomach ends reduces the amount of person’s food and reduces absorption. the application is made on the patient’s abdomen by the laparoscopic technique. which speeds up the recovery of the patient after surgery and avoids risks such as infection

The Benefits Of Obesity Surgery

  • The patient is less hungry because the region where the secretion of the hormone ghrelin is withdrawn.
  • In the case of applying exercise and nutrition programs, you lose weight continuously and get a healthy figure.
  • Obesity-induced diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol are also treated at 70-80% by obesity surgery.
  • Improvement of respiratory problems
  • Increases quality of life and self-confidence

After Obesity Operation

This process is very important for maintaining the weight and shape of the body.. In this direction, it is possible to have a healthy and elegant body in about 2 years with the doctor’s prescription and regular exercises. After 1 month of surgery, regular exercises must be done and after 3 months doing muscle building exercises is necessary. As many people know, after the operation of obesity, the body of the person does not correct himself directly. Obesity surgery is an important way of having good body shape. as well; Obesity-induced diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol, are also cured after treatment for obesity. After the obesity surgery, the patient can return to his daily work after a week of rest at home.

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