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The criteria to be respected when redesigning the smile: the size and alignment of the teeth, the presence of contortions and deformations in the teeth, the size of the lips, the color of the teeth, the shape of the nose, the shape of the mouth when smiling.

How to Make Aesthetic Smile Design?

Aesthetics of the smile is personal. First, the shape of the teeth that dreams the patient is determined and the points of dissatisfaction are heard and evaluated. In the digital environment, tooth sizes are aligned and their colors are determined.

If several orthodontic and surgical dental procedures affect the design of the smile, it is important to finish beforehand. Otherwise, scheduled aesthetic treatments may not be possible.

It should not be forgotten that the aesthetic comes after the dental health of the patient.

After determining an individual design in a digital environment, the processing phase is started. A real Aesthetic of the Smile:

  • Correction of the color of the teeth
  • Gum treatment
  • Treatment of tooth deformation
  • Get the desired aesthetic smile

Changes may be applied if the result of the smile’s aesthetics does not meet the patient’s expectations or when a different application is decided during the treatment process.

How Long Does the Aesthetic Treatment of the Smile Last?

There is no specific and clear treatment period for the aesthetic smile you want to have. The needs of each patient are different, depending on the procedures to be performed, the duration of treatment is determined automatically.

In some patients, the smile required by the patient can be determined and applied in one session, and in some patients it can be extended to multiple sessions. For example, sometimes the patient may have an aesthetic smile by whitening only.

How Should Get An Aesthetic Smile Design?

The structure of the mouth and jaws of the person must be compatible. In laughing, the teeth should be of equal length, alignment and in the same color, in a correct and uniform whiteness. More importantly, the person should be satisfied with his smile and remain sincere. During the smile, the teeth and gums must appear in certain proportions.

Price of  Aesthetic Smile Design

When the patient reaches the smile that makes him happy, the right price is evaluated. As previously mentioned in order to conceive the correct smile, the patient’s expectations and his conception of health are determined to be followed by the detection of the real price. The treatment can be applied in one session according to the needs, or there can be more sessions.

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