Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)


The food and drinks we eat can cause yellowing and stains on our teeth. To correct their colors, we apply a very simple method: teeth whitening.

White teeth help people smile more confidently and improve their self-esteem.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Bleaching makes it possible to lighten the color of the teeth between 8 and 13 tons. The color of the teeth can be affected by the daily consumption of tea, coffee, wine, cigarettes and soft drinks. In addition, root canal treatments and especially amalgam, aging, and drugs used as antibiotics can also affect the color of teeth.

Teeth Whitening Methods

There are basically 3 methods of teeth whitening.

  • Home teeth whitening
  • Office teeth whitening
  • Combined teeth whitening

Home Teeth Whitening

In this way, the dentist will determine the size of teeth to bleach and create a mold, the patient will lay the mold for two hours a day with gel. Home teeth whitening usually lasts up to two weeks. The dentist will determine the right moment. The model the dentist is taking is important. Because the mold needs to be taken to the correct size to avoid damaging the gums and applies only to the teeth.

Office Teeth Whitening

In this method, the treatment is applied with the laser in the dental clinic by the dentist. The gel used in teeth whitening is activated by lasers and usually ends in one session, depending on the color of the teeth. The duration of treatment is much shorter than the home teeth whitening method and gives the same result.

Combined Teeth Whitening

This method is preferred for the yellower teeth. Used in a combination of whitening methods at home and in the office. First, office-type tooth whitening is applied, followed by a few days of home-type teeth whitening treatment.

What Should You Consider After Teeth Whitening?

After tooth whitening, short-term sensitivity can be felt in the teeth and gums, which is normal and does not cause permanent tooth damage. These sensitivities will pass within 2 days.
Tea, coffee, cigarettes, soft drinks and colored foods should be avoided as much as possible to maintain the color of teeth after teeth whitening. In addition, daily cleaning of the teeth must be done.

Tooth Whitening Treatment How Many Years are Used?

This period varies according to the patient. However, it takes about 3-4 years for the teeth to recover. Intensive tea, coffee, cigarette consumption time, this period is shorter than normal.
An average tooth whitening treatment each year will help preserve the white color of the teeth. In addition, intermediate bleaching is shorter and easier to apply than the first treatment.

Who Can Undergo Tooth Whitening Treatment?

We recommend whitening teeth for healthy teeth. For this reason, if a treatment is to be performed on the teeth, this should be done first, then the teeth whitening process should be started. Teeth whitening should not be done on baby teeth. In addition, pregnant women should not whiten their teeth.

Can Dental Crowns be Whitening?

Dental crowns are produced from the same color of the teeth at the time of their manufacture. Also, dental crowns do not change color like normal teeth, so they do not change color with whitening. Therefore, if a tooth needs to be treated with a crown, the teeth should be bleached before applying the crowns.

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